LongFireHUBThe DFM LongFireHUB allows you to bridge up to 70 meters gap with transmission rate of 400 Mbit/s.

Conventionally the IEEE1934 FireWire cables are only four and a half meter long which is certainly a restriction which can cause a lot of difficulties in every day use. Our LongFireHUB is a professional solution offered by experts.

If the FireWire system for installation, studio and broadcast has to be used in the distributed environments our compact and robust device is the ideal assistant for you.

In a breath, the possibilities are almost unlimited ...

  • The center of the action in the studio and broadcast, the FoH position, can easily control with the Long Fire HUB microphone amplifier with FireWire interface from his seat and use it as a stage box.
  • Computers are installed in the engine room while the FireWire devices, including user interface stay in the studio. Thanks DFM LongFireHUB the connection works smoothly.
  • The camera is filming directly on the scene - the computer can be placed in the back of the room in the far distance.


Cost-efficient and simple

Einfach einstecken! Mit dem LongFireHUB entfallen aufwendige Verkabelungen über lange Distanzen: Ein einziges kostengünstiges CAT5e/CAT6 Kabel reicht, teure Multicore oder viele Audiokabel werden überflüssig.

Just plug it in! With the LongFireHUB costly cabling over long distances been omitted: A single low cost cable CAT5e/CAT6 is enough, expensive multi-core or many audio cables are unnecessary.

LongFireHUB System

LongFireHUB Daisy-chain

The DFM LongFireHUB was specially developed for professional use in broadcast, studio and sound applications:

  • Robust metal hoiusing
  • Mounting tabs
  • High-quality Neutrik EtherCon connectors
  • Uplink and downlink port (no adapter necessary!)
  • Status LEDs provide information at a glance

DFM LongFireHUB, the professional FireWire extender.